Whilst most online brokers will give you a comparison between three or four insurers, we deal with over 25 insurers in respect to Professional Indemnity insurance.

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There are four advantages if you can hold off purchasing your insurance until office hours:
  1. Automated rating systems rate on a broadbrush approach. However, our brokers will ask you about your business and will get quotes based on yourexact activities. So many claims are denied because the occupation was not properly described.

  2. We will make sure that the cover provided is right for your your business and not contain unwanted exclusions.

  3. You can ask questions and be satisfied that you are getting what you need.

  4. Our access to the whole market will usually result in better cover and more competitive premium


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Professional Indemnity Insurance risks can be very complex depending on your occupation. For this reason, certain occupations need to be looked at on an individual basis.

Once the information is collected we then use this to collect quotes from multiple insurers.

We will also make sure that you are receiving the correct coverage for your profession.


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The form we need completed will ask most questions we want but we may have to ask additional questions depending on your occupation.

Once the information is collected we then use this form to collect quotes from various insurers. We also make sure that you are receiving the correct coverage for your profession.


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Reasons for Professional Indemnity Insurance

More clients require professionals they hire to carry Professional Indemnity insurance. You may risk losing the opportunity for a new project without it

Contracts only go so far in protecting businesses from potential lawsuits, as contract provisions are routinely challenged in court and at a considerable expense.

The number of legal challenges continues to rise in this litigious society, as clients do not hesitate to take legal action if they feel the professional services performed were below their expectations

Defence costs, even in frivolous cases, can be costly in not only dollars but in lost work time

A quality miscellaneous professional indemnity policy can be both cost effective and ensure that clients will be comfortable working with the professional firm

How long should I have Professional Indemnity Insurance for?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is issued on a "Claims Made" basis

'Claims Made' is a term used to describe an insurance policy which provides cover for claims which are only notified during the term of the policy.

This is not necessarily the same time period when the actual incident or error causing the claim, occurred.

Professional indemnity policies provide a 'claims made' basis of cover because professional errors in construction, accounting, legal etc are often only discovered weeks, months or even years after the error was made.

Here's a simple example. If you made a costly mistake for a client in 2019 but your client does not discover their loss until 2020, it is your 2020 policy and insurer that deals with the ensuing negligence claim against you. Therefore a valid professional indemnity policy or 'run-off' policy must remain in force at all times for a claim to be met by an insurer.

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